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Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training School


  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India – Rishikesh Yog Dham

200 hours yoga teacher training in India offered by yoga school Rishikesh Yog Dham is of international standard and in compliance with the standards set by Yoga Alliance– USA.  If you wish to develop an authentic voice as an accomplished yoga teacher then it is necessary for you to take up recognized courses. These yoga courses will give you the authority to conduct your own yoga classes in a way that will help you gain respect as a true yoga teacher as you would have learnt yoga in the country of its origin.
Rishikesh Yog Dham in Rishikesh, India is one such school that has been registered with Yoga Alliance, USA as a yoga school which offers genuine 200-hour yoga teachers training in traditional style of hatha yoga. On successful completion of your 200-hour yoga teacher training course you will be given a certificate of completion by Rishikesh Yog Dham. Armed with that certificate you can register with Yoga Alliance – USA as a certified yoga teacher for 200 hours (RYT 200).
As a yoga teacher trainee at Rishikesh Yog Dham you will undergo yoga practices that ancient yogis undertook on their path to self discovery and which are mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Unless you undergo the traditional yoga practice that is offered by a yoga school like Rishikesh Yog Dham, your understanding of yoga will remain limited to just knowledge of asanas.
At Rishikesh Yog Dham (RYS 200 – Yoga Alliance) you will find all you need to learn for a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate course that incorporates ethical principles, meditation, chanting, cleansing practices, anatomy classes, pranayama besides asanas. You will also be trained on student teacher relationship and how to impart instructions in yoga practices in a way that is safe and fulfilling for your own students.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India – Rishikesh Yog Dham

YTT Course Commencing Dates :
200 hour yoga teacher training in India based on traditional hatha yoga at yoga school Rishikesh Yog Dham registered with Yoga Alliance, USA as RYS 200. It’s a residential hatha yoga course ideal for beginners and intermediate level yoga students. Course fee including food & accommodation is USD 1200.

Course Commencing Dates : Yoga Instructor Training 200 Hour at Rishikesh Yog Dham,India

Hatha Yoga School in india - Dates of Yoga Teacher Training Course for Year -2014-2015 !!

*8th September  to    5th October-2014 :US$ 1200

*13th October       to    9th November-2014 :US$ 1200

*13th November   to   10th December-2014 : US$ 1200

*15th December  to  28th January -2015 :: US$ 1500 for 300 hour T.T.C
Yoga TTC ,200 Hour -2015 -2016 , Yoga School in india - Rishikesh

*15th December  to  28th January -2015 :: US$ 1500 for 300 hour T.T.C

* 02nd February  to   01st March-2015 :US$ 1300

* 09th  March     to    05th April- 2015 :US$  1300

* 13th  April       to    10th May- 2015 :US$   1300

* 18th May        to     14th June-2015 :US$   1300

* 22nd June      to      19th July- 2015 :US$   1300

* 27th July        to      23rd Aug -2015 : US$ 1300 

* 31st August    to      27th Sep -2015 : US$ 1300

* 1st October    to      28th October-2015:US$ 1300

*2nd November to      29th November-2015:US$ 1300

*1st December to      28th December-2015: US$1300

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India – Schedule 2016-2017
» 4th January to 31st January 2016: US$ 1450
» 8th February to 6th March 2016: US$ 1450
» 14th March to 10th April 2016: US$ 1450
» 18th April to 15th May 2016: US$ 1450
» 23rd May to 19th June 2016: US$ 1450
» 27th June to 24th July 2016: US$ 1450
» 1st August to 28th August 2016: US$ 1450
» 5th September to 2nd October 2016: US$ 1450
» 10th October to 6th November 2016: US$ 1450
» 14th November to 11th December 2016: US$ 1450
» 2nd January to 29th January 2017: US$ 1450


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training India: Overview

·         Internationally certified yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.
·         200-hour residential hatha yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh India.
·         Yoga Alliance certification in India – RYT 200.
·         Traditional style of training under the guidance of experienced yoga instructors.
·         Inexpensive yoga teacher training in India – USD 1200 including food and accommodation*.
·         Opportunity to experience Indian culture and traditions.
* All students are provided a separate standard double room with attached bath. Neat and clean accommodation is provided in a budget hotel with 24-hour hot and cold water supply in the Laxman Jhula area of Rishikesh.

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Written by - Sarvottam Kumar
Rishikesh Yog Dham - RYS 200
Mount View Cottage


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